Robots and Kobolds and Necromancers, Oh my!

Session 1

We all start in the bar in Nethrin. Elly and Elidria talk to Old Jenkin’s who informs us of beast that are causing trouble on the outskirts of town. We accept the quest and persuade Elden to join us. We leave the bar and decide to go to the library and read up on local history, after a guard tells us we should speak to farmer Jon. As we start heading out of town crazy Roger runs up to us babbling about the beast and we take him to the healer. Farmer Jon sends us to the SW part of his fields. Elidria preforms a knowledge nature check and notices that that are both large and small tacks in the fields. We decide to follow the tracks into the woods. We get to a certain point and the tracks split up going in three different directions. While trying to figure out what to do we are attacked by 3 Kobolds. We defeat them and decide to follow one set of tracks together. We are then attacked by two ashrats that we also defeat, but not before Elden puts a sword in his shin. We come across a Kobold camp that has recently been abandoned and follow the fresh tracks to a river. There we see the Kobolds escaping. Since Elden went crashing through the tree line the Kobolds spot us and 2 (or 3?) of them attack us and send a giant robot after us. We defeat everyone and Elden takes the head as proof for Old Jekins. Jekins acts very mysterious and at one point appears to use a crystal ball to commicate with the “benefactors”. We decide to accept the quest to find out what the Kobolds are up to. Jekins tells us that we can speak to the mayor, constable, or the adventurers guild to figure out what to do next. He disappears in a puff of smoke laughing maniacally.


So, we enjoy talking in third person…fun. Also it should be stated that Elden is no longer aloud orange juice, it clearly has adverse affects on him. It should also be noted that the party has pretty much decided that they do not trust Old Jekins, but the money he offers is very shiny.

Session 1

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