Robots and Kobolds and Necromancers, Oh my!

The Adventure Begins

So here’s what you missed last week in the campaign.

The three adventurers (Elly the Bard, Elidria the Druid, and Elden the Paladin) find themselves drawn to the Ogre’s Head in Nethrin. The three sit side by side at the bar, ignoring each other for the most part as Elden orders an orange juice from the barkeep and Elidria tries to find out if anything interesting is happening in town. The barkeep points Elidria to a darkened corner with directions to speak to “Old Jenkins.”

Elidria made her way over and was followed by Elly. Elden, overhearing the conversation with the barkeep, took his orange juice to a nearby table to listen. Old Jenkins turns out to be a shadowy man who cryptically and creepily begins to tell Elly and Elidria about a beast terrorizing the farm of one Farmer John. Part way through this explanation Elden set his orange juice down rather violently alerting everyone to his presence. Old Jenkins completed his tale with an offer of gold for the adventurers who could end the issue with the beast. Elidria and Elly agree to preform the task and turned to make their way from the bar when Elidria suggested that they ask the paladin to join them. Elden agreed, introductions were done, and the group headed for the outskirts of town.

On their way our adventurers attempted to gather information, first by going to the local library and then from a town guard. He was unable to share any information about the beast or Old Jenkins. The three continued on, but were stopped at the gate by a crazy man screaming about beasts and warning them away from the farm. Elden insisted on taking the man to a healer. The healer greeted the man, now known to be Roger, and explained that he was a farm hand for farmer John, hired to protect the farm from the beasts. Elden wanted to stay and try to collect information from Roger, but was told that he would not be lucid again until the next day. The adventurers elected not to wait and continued on, this time making it all the way to the door of farmer John.

Farmer John pointed the group towards his southern fields, telling them that it was the place that the beasts tended to appear, though he had never seen it. Elly, Elden, and Elidria made their way to the field where Elidria identified two different types of tracks, one huge and one smaller. The party followed the smaller tracks into the woods and after a certain point the tracks split into three different directions. Before the party could decide what they wanted to do they found themselves being attacked by three kolbolds. After defeating the kolbolds the party decided to follow the direction the attacking kolbolds had come from and set out. Not long after they were attacked by two ashrats. The party made quick work of them, but not before Elden managed to put his sword into his leg (he is no longer aloud orange juice). The party healed up a bit before moving on, continuing to follow the trail of the kolbolds, and stumbled upon an abandoned camp. Upon discovering the camp had only recently been abandoned the party picked up their pace, following the clear path that the kolbolds had created.

As the party reached the edge of the woods and found an opening a river they saw the kolbolds retreating onto boats. Only a few were left on the shore and they had a rather large crate. Elidria stopped at the edge of the woods while Elden and Elly continued on, Elden making enough noise to be noticed. Three of the kolbolds stood to face the group while the retreat continued and a giant robot (explaining the larger tracks) joined the battle. Eventually the kolbolds and the robot were defeated, but not before the rest of the kolbolds escaped up river. Elden hacked off the head of the robot to use as proof that they had defeated the beast and the three headed back to town after a quick healing.

The party returned to the Ogre’s Head and proceeded straight to Old Jenkins to explain what had happened and that though the kolbolds were gone there was still no explanation for their attacks nor was there any way that they could have gotten the robot on their own. Jenkins agreed and, after paying the party 100G, requested that they looked into the issue further. The party didn’t jump at the opportunity citing that they had no trust in Old Jenkins. He promised a reward after conferring with his clients via crystal ball (which he attempted to do while they were not looking) including 90G up front. The party agreed to go along with it for the time being and made their way to an inn to spend the night. They agreed that the next morning they would split the money and gather supplies before moving forward with their mission.

And that’s what you missed. Hope we don’t die next time.



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