Famous Peoples

James Nethrin (b. 41 BJA) A proud man of noble heritage, James learned from an early age the values of patience and kindness. He grew up having been trained as his father’s successor as a feudal lord. Some say that his decedents still live in the town of Nethrin to this day.

Mark Theral (b. 32 BJA) Theral was born the son of a knight, but as he grew, he found that he had little talent for the martial arts. Instead, he was drawn by books and magic. He left home in his mid twenties to travel the known, and unknown, world in order to learn all he could about the nature of magic. It was in his travels that he met up with James Nethrin

Cairn Fujin (b. 202 AJA) An elven druid of unmatched prowess, Cairn was a powerful advocate for nature on the King’s Court. He was very close to the poeple of Nethrin. He died in 220 AJA, repelling the Western invasion. Cairn’s Stand is named in his honor.

Ornk is the barkeep of the Ogre’s Head Tavern. He is known throughout the land for his drink mixing abilities, which are exceptionally good, considering he is a half-orc.

Famous Peoples

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